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The Skinny on Detox

Apr 30, 2013 04:39PM ● By WLMagazine

by Elizabeth Finch

We’ve all heard of celebrity detox, the way famous people shed pounds through flushing the toxins out of their body. Everyone seems to have a program; Dr. Oz, Beyonce, and a plethora more on the internet. There are colon cleanses, supplements, the lemon detox diet, the seven day detox, raw diets, the hallelujah diet, and liver cleansing diets just to name a few. How do you chose?

It was easy for me to succumb to the myth of detox as a time to fast, eat nothing and deprive yourself of all nutrition. Or, perhaps, you could indulge in juice smoothies and water. However, my perception was dispelled a bit as I soon found out after researching the new craze.

The process of detoxifying your body needs to be done safely and slowly. There can be some bumps in the road, of course. A few side effects include nausea, sweating, headaches, and muscle aches. These occur as toxins are flushed out of your body. But realize, there are positive side effects too. In most cases, people become aware of an overwhelming energy surge and a feeling of rejuvenation. You shouldn’t jump in all at once though, it can be unsafe if done improperly.

MargauxDrakegrapes-620 Margaux Drake of WOTV Healthy Eats

Upon review of the Martha’s Vineyard Detox diet, it purports 21 days in which you could lose 21 pounds. This detox is based significantly on drinking a large amount of berry shakes and sticking to a very strict diet. The Lemonade Detox diet Beyonce made famous suggests a mixture of lemon water and maple syrup for 10 days. Beyonce has been reported as saying she doesn’t recommend this, however she lost 20 pounds using this method. It’s not a long term solution and it’s not completely safe.

Margaux Drake of WOTV 4 Healthy Eats and D&W Fresh Market's Living Well series, says detox has cleared up a menagerie of problems for her personally including acne and asthma. Others have attested that detox has assisted with cholesterol, diabetes, depression, as well as high blood sugar. It is also beneficial for losing weight but the emphasis on detox is on healthy living and continuing the process of healthy eating.

Margaux’s philosophy is that detox should “kick start in a healthy lifestyle.” She has her own detox program which lasts four weeks. In her words, “It’s 28 days to carve out a discipline in your life and your body that will help direct you afterward.

She also explains, “Detox can be compared to house cleaning. There are certain things you do everyday, once a week, and once a year. For example, you want your oven clean, but you don’t scrub it everyday.” When I go on a diet it’s been a temporary solution, when in  fact it should be a lifestyle change. Margaux cautions however, that when you cut certain items out of your diet, you reintroduce them slowly, like meat or dairy.

There are lots of programs available for detoxing and if you wish to detox you must be sure to pick the one that is right for you. Another recommendation includes consulting a physician before taking on any detox program as there are certain health conditions that should be monitored. Typical detox diets contain no meat, no dairy, and basically raw fruits and vegetables. Detoxing can do wonders for your skin, hair, and nails. Always remember, beauty is only skin deep, but healthy goes right to the bone.

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Elizabeth Finch resides in Grand Rapids, MI and has a B.A. in Anthropology as well as an MBA in International Globalization. She’s an avid traveler, blogger and married to renowned ice sculptor, Randy Finch.