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The Local Business Beat: Grand Rapids Natural Health

Jan 25, 2018 10:30AM ● By WLMagazine

Grand Rapids Natural Health aims to transform the way people view and practice optimal wellness by introducing them to a variety of integrative and naturopathic medicines. The all-inclusive healing haven (638 Fulton St. W) houses a team of skilled practitioners, collaborating to provide individualized physical, mental or spiritual healthcare for each client. Treatment programs at the center include medical services, health coaching, organic skin care, counseling services, energy work and craniosacral massage.

There are many instances where a client requires more than one service to reach optimal health. These individuals are referred to the Integrative Health and Healing Program, which is a personalized package of services at the center.

After meeting with a medical director or doctor to determine the best combination of treatments to select, the services are bundled in a single package and discounted. Clients have the option of choosing a six-month package, which includes a 15 percent discount and an easy monthly payment plan, a three-month package or a one-month trial package.

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