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Create an Outdoor Space

May 15, 2018 02:38PM ● By WLMagazine
by Whitley Semrow

Summer is quickly approaching, and we Michiganders are eagerly looking forward to doing anything and everything we can outside. An excellent way to enjoy the outdoors is to make your patio or deck feel like an extension of your home. Think of it as the room you never knew you had!  A deck or patio can function as a gathering space or a place for respite and lounging. Keep in mind the following three tips when you embark on shaping up your outdoor sanctuary.


Erecting an outdoor wall can make a huge impact on your patio. Think about a blissfully secluded Saturday morning with a warm cup of coffee or private get-together with friends. Adding a pergola or a wooden wall with integrated planters can create this insular effect. Or, try an extra tall fence; even if you have a small yard, there is still plenty of space to go up!

As for the floor, if you  have an existing patio or wooden deck, consider painting it. There are many different ways to change up the look of your deck with paint, from graphic stripes to using a template and creating a fun pattern for a vibrant look. Of course, a nice stone or brick paver brings a timeless element to a patio.

Accessories & Furniture

Now for the furniture and finishing touches! These can have a huge impact on your space. Think about how the area will be used: Will it primarily an outdoor dining area or a lounge? Bringing in some soft touches such as pillows curtains, and cushy seating will make it feel cozy. Create a stunning vignette with an outdoor cart for a place serve food or arrangement of succulents. Additionally, lighting is key to creating a relaxing ambiance.

Stringing up lights or strategically placing candles and lanterns creates a warm, glowing atmosphere. Go the extra-mile and waterproof a mirror and hang it on a wooden wall to beautifully reflect the light and greenery.

Natural Elements

The benefits of natural elements in your space are innumerable: they can be soothing, functional and reflective of the environment around you. Add a freestanding fire pit to cozy up to. A water feature brings a peaceful feeling to the space. Include luscious greenery, either in a decorative pot or landscaping around your space.


Whitley earned her BFA in Interior Design with a minor in Furniture design from Kendall College of Art & Design. She is employed by Stonesthrow furniture where she enjoys working with clients on various aspects of the home.