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Make It Your Own: Finding Your Personal Design Styleby Whitley Semrow

Aug 23, 2018 10:00AM ● By WLMagazine

by Whitley Semrow

When it comes to interior design, having a curated and well-defined aesthetic is a challenge for almost everyone. Knowing where to begin doesn’t have to be overwhelming and can make the process much more enjoyable. Infusing your personal design style into your home should be fun!

The most critical step is to decide how you want the room to feel. Your surroundings directly impact the way you feel, and in turn the way you live in your home. The look should be more about a feeling than a design theme. Don’t get trapped into a theme. For example, if you like a Mediterranean style, think about why you like it:  Is it the warm earthy tones? Or do you like the vibrant blues and yellows? Do you homes that feel cozy and warm, or are you drawn more toward moody and dramatic interiors?

So how do you decide what you want the feel of your room to be? Collect images. Browse the internet for pictures of homes that inspire you, cut images out of magazines, visit stores and take pictures of the things you like. Once you have a good number of images collected, start looking for common themes. Does everything have a common color or texture? There might be a pattern or style that pulls you in.

Another exercise includes taking inventory of the things you have. Take a look around your home: Are there things that you like and reflect your style? Edit out the items you don’t like. If an item no longer resonates with you, it’s time to donate it. Mood boards or collauges are another excellent way to hone in on common looks that you like. Use those cutouts and print your photos to mix and match images, textures and patterns in a way that is complementary and reflects the feeling that you would like to cultivate in your home.

Still stuck? Don’t worry! Interior designers have been trained to be able to help you define your design aesthetic amongst other things and can usually help you come up with a plan for your space for a modest investment. Remember, your style is unique to you. Once you’ve been able to personalize your design style you can truly appreciate the feeling of being home.