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Showcase Your Style in Your Office

Sep 16, 2018 10:00AM ● By WLMagazine

by Kelsey McCrackin

Whether you have a corner office or work from home, personalizing your workspace is not only fun, but essential; studies reflect that decorated offices give people a sense of comfort, ownership and privacy, which reduces emotional exhaustion at work and increases productivity.

Start by deciding what you want your office to say about you. Are you a world traveler, bubbly and colorful, calm and serene, a vintage collector, or something else? Once you have nailed down which aspects of yourself you want your workspace to reflect, start gathering the items you’d like to display.


Bookshelves have a high impact because the bulk of the display is at eye level and invites people to stop and look. Avoid lining the shelves with knick-knacks; instead, mix different types and sizes, and include things such as collected pieces, books, pottery, and greenery. Adding eye-popping wallpaper or paint to the back panels also adds personality and interest. This can become a great backdrop to whatever style you’re aiming for.


Make a statement by showcasing one large piece or a collage of multiple smaller pieces. The artwork should not exceed the size of the piece it’s hung above. For example, if you have a large-scale artwork over your desk, leave 6-inches or so of empty space on either side so it doesn’t overpower the wall.

With a collage wall, you’ll want to have close to the same amount of space between each frame, but vary the sizes of frames. This will make sure admirers see every unique piece!


These are the finishing touches and not the statement pieces; let these assist in the design, but not overtake it. If you have a simple arrangement throughout the workspace and want to add a bit of excitement, do it with your rug. Rugs can add subtle, calming softness or a splash color or texture as a grounding piece.

Throw pillows are similar in that they are easy to interchange; they add the perfect amount of color and texture your office chair and decorative bench.

If trendy pieces speak to you, by all means, add them in! Making your office exude your personality is the end game, so anything that means something to you should be included in your space. Following some of these simple rules can ensure the design is done in a clear, thoughtful way that makes your personality shine through.

"Once you have nailed down which aspects of yourself you want your workspace to reflect, start gathering the items you’d like to display."