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Refresh Your Holiday Décor

Dec 04, 2018 10:00AM ● By WLMagazine

by Kelsey McCracken

It’s that time of year where we start to get our holiday décor back out! Many of us pull out the same thing every year, and after a while, our cherished decorations can grow, well, not so cherished. If this is the case, don’t be hasty and throw everything out! Consider the following tips to create a new look with what you already have.

What is it about your current décor that you dislike? Is it the color scheme? The dated accents? The way things are placed or arranged? Maybe it’s all of the above, and that’s OK! Once you decide what needs to change, do a little trend research and see what stands out to you; whether it’s a color, pattern, wreath style, etc. Take that inspiration and apply it to your items.

Let’s first take a look at the smaller items such as accents and festive décor. The smaller items we use to fill bookshelves are generally just that: filler.  Spice them up with a new look. Spray paint is your best friend; choose a metallic gold or silver or an accent color that fits the style direction you’ve chosen. A little ceramic gnome that was once a background item, spray painted gold is now eye-catching and stylish! Adding height and dimension into your holiday décor can make all the difference; books are a great way to get the desired look. But we’re making our décor more interesting this year, so don’t just use a stack of books as they are. It’s time to harvest those book covering skills from grade school and choose some wrapping paper that fits your new décor style to wrap them in. Don’t forget to pull out the ornaments that you don’t love anymore, and add some that accent and compliment the new design!

"Spray paint is your best friend; choose a metallic gold or silver or an accent color that fits the style direction you’ve chosen."

Wreaths are the first thing visitors see when they come up to your front door, so make it memorable.  Most wreaths have good bones, and we only need to replace some of the accents. If your wreath has faded or frayed floral or ribbon, those need to be the first to go. It’s unbelievable what a new bow and updated floral can do for a simple wreath, and these items are usually very budget friendly.

Arranging your home to fit large holiday décor, like a Christmas tree, can be a struggle. Some homes have one very clear spot, but what about the houses that don’t necessarily have “the perfect spot”? Decide if you want the tree to be seen from outside, or if you’d rather admire it from the sofa snuggled up with some hot cocoa. If your furniture allows a new living room layout to accommodate the tree, you may find that you prefer it when the holiday season is over!

If you’re still unsure on what décor or layout to choose, hiring an interior designer can be a cost efficient way to ensure you get what you want on the first try, and give you peace of mind to concentrate on more important things this holiday season!

Kelsey is an  interior designer with a passion for historical home preservation and mixing multiple colors and textures in the spaces she designs for her clients.