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2019 Interior Design Trends

Jan 19, 2019 10:00AM ● By WLMagazine

by Whitley Semrow

It’s time to start thinking about what will be trending in this year's interiors.  Whether you are starting fresh or adding in a couple of new items it’s always fun to change things up!

If you are someone who loves to peruse magazines and Pinterest then you have probably seen the trend of rich jewel tones such as teal, deep green and navy. This year, we are predicting jewel tones will be paired with warm colors such as mustard, burgundy and burnt orange. Grey is also being replaced by cozier, warm tones such as taupe and beige. Even creams and whites will be used more due to the popularity of easy to clean performance fabrics.

Art Deco is also a big, but subtle, influencer with its channeled details and curved lines. Lighting is reflecting the details of Art Deco style attributes, such as mixed metals and organic features.  Bar carts are great to have when entertaining, and they are also a great way to bring in some Art Deco flair. Who doesn’t love a touch of glam in their home?

Matte black is a trend that is gaining momentum.  It creates drama and has high contrast. You can implement black in so many ways: incorporate it on walls, lighting or furniture for an edgy effect.

Natural elements are sticking around in 2019. Natural textiles such as cotton, linen and leather continue to be popular. Live edge wood and metal will continue in popularity next year. Greenery, both faux and real, is a great way to bring in a natural feel. Adding these elements are wise because they will never really go out of style.

We saw some minimalism this year, but this year this trend will become even stronger! In an age of technology, people are drawn to the clutter free and openness of minimalism. Less is more. This could mean one large piece of art instead of a gallery wall, or maybe it’s taking a critical look at your living room and removing that extra chair that’s taking up too much space.

Gold is a trend that is still going strong. Sometimes it appears as a brushed gold, but it’s also being shown in a shiny brass for things such as kitchen hardware.

All of these trends are exciting, but don’t forget to incorporate things that are beautiful to you. You don’t have to use every trend, but use only the ones that you are drawn to. Have fun with it! After all, your home should reflect your personality and style.

Whitley earned her BFA in Interior Design with a minor in Furniture design from Kendall College of Art & Design. She works as an interior designer enjoys working with clients on various aspects of the home.