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Feb 24, 2019 03:00AM ● By WLMagazine

by Joyanne Huston-Swanson

Love is in the air this February, and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to discover some amazing romance novels.  Not sure where to find your next engrossing read?  Get ready for some toe-curling, hearts in your eyes, and warm, fuzzy feelings because I’ve got a few of my favorite romance titles to share with you.

The Last Chance Matinee by Mariah Stewart

Three women are brought together when their famous father dies, and his lawyer contacts them for the reading of the will.  The catch is, their father had two families, unbeknownst to them.  As per conditions of the will, these three disparate women, Allie, Des and Cara, move to a small town in the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains, where they discover more about the father they each thought they knew.  In spite of themselves and the circumstances which initially brought them together, these women begin to form relationships with each other and the community members they meet along the way.  Cara is especially drawn to one interesting man, the general contractor who is helping them restore the town’s old Matinee.  You will not be disappointed if you pick this one up as new love blooms, friendships develop, old rivalries resurface, and a mystery regarding their father’s past comes to light.

The Woman Left Behind by Linda Howard

Meet Jina, a communication techy for a paramilitary organization, who likes to put an end to the bad guys’ plans through virtual special ops from a control room. However, when she scores highly on an aptitude test, she is assigned to a field unit as an on-site drone operator, which would be fine if she liked to sweat, run, swim for miles, jump out of an airplane or shoot an actual gun.  Left with no choice, Jina reluctantly agrees to the assignment.  The sparks start flying when she meets the team leader, Levi, who immediately doubts her ability to keep up with his team.  Throughout Jina’s training, the chemistry and tension between them builds and finally comes to a breaking point, but not before the team is put through some harrowing experiences and treachery behind the scenes is exposed.  Fans of romances with a suspenseful edge will truly enjoy this title.

My Lady’s Choosing by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris

In this book, just like the forerunners of our childhood, you get to choose your own path, find true love and your own version of happily ever after.  As a penniless heroine in the middle of 18th-century society, will you plan your future by getting to know Baronet Sir Benedict Granville or turn back 20 pages to find love with highlander Captain Angus McTaggart?  Many intriguing fates await and you can try them all, don’t delay!

A Midsummer’s Kiss by Meara Plat

Lord Graelem Dayne needs a wife in 30 days, or he will lose his inheritance, but he doesn’t want to marry for love. Laurel Farthingale will only marry for love, and in fact, has set her sights on a childhood friend for the role as husband.  Fate has a different plan and Laurel, while riding her horse in the countryside, runs into Graelem and ends up breaking his leg.  This accidental meeting begins with a farce as Laurel becomes reluctantly betrothed to Graelem in order to atone for her horse breaking his leg, but will it end in true love? You’ll have to read it to find out!