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LadyFest GR

Mar 20, 2019 10:00AM ● By WLMagazine

by Moya Tobey

Passion burns brightest when it’s shared with others. A movement is more than a single person claiming change must occur; it’s a group of people who know the world needs that change. What better way to effect change and kindle burning passions for equality than attending an event for women, by women?

LadyFest returns to Grand Rapids on March 23 at The Pyramid Scheme. This event has been empowering women all over the world for 19 years with workshops, inspirational speakers and music.

In the eight years since LadyFest has taken place in Grand Rapids, the event has taken many forms, occurring at multiple venues with a variety of workshops, speakers and vendors. Today, the LadyFest experience is streamlined with a stellar line up of bands and performers, four gifted speakers, a phenomenal DJ and some excellent vendors, all under one roof.

Headlining this year is La Luz along with performers like spoken word poet Kyd Kane, Rebecca Rodriguez, Kissin Kate and DJ Sun*Rise. Inspirational speakers will go on stage throughout the night bearing thoughts on various topics that impact women.

“[I hope attendees will] realize that women can do anything we want—we can create, we can own businesses, we can run for office, we can make music, we can support each other and cheer each other on,” said Tami VandenBerg, one of the events organizers.

The event starts at 7 pm, advance tickets are $10 and at the door is $15. Anyone is welcome to come and share in a community experience raising up the women of Grand Rapids.

    • What: LadyFest GR
    • When: March 23, 7 pm
    • Where: Pyramid Scheme, 68 Commerce Ave SW
  • Cost: $10 advance tickets/ $15 at the door

Moya Tobey is a college student studying publishing at Cornerstone University. She dreams of traveling the world, fighting for victims of injustice and penning everything she sees.