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Local Hair Stylist Launches New Hair Care Line

Apr 01, 2019 08:00AM ● By WLMagazine

by Elyse Wild | photos courtesy of Joanne Riley

Joanne Riley has been styling hair for more than 30 years. In fact, one could say it’s “in her blood.” Riley grew up in her mother’s hair salon, and she laughs as she refers to herself as “a beauty shop brat." She specializes in restoring and revitalizing hair damaged by weaves, wigs and extension. Recently, she launched her own hair care line called Team Healthy Hair, after the nickname her client base gave her.

“When the industry started to get into weaves and extensions 10 or 15 years ago, I decided to not get involved with that,” Riley expressed. “I believe that weaves, wigs and extensions are meant for theatre. As I studied hair care, I found that no matter what your hair texture is, it isn’t designed to be bundled up, sewed and glued for a lengthy period of time.”

Currently, Riley’s line includes Eb’onee Shine for Oil Sheen and Healthy Scalp Salve with Jojoba Oil. Both products are designed to add moisture and elasticity to hair.

“Anyone can use these products,” she said. “It’s about customizing usage for your hair type.”

She says that hair damage is caused by multiple things, and it takes a multifaceted solution to restore it. Riley emphasizes the importance of seeing a professional for hair care.

“The textbooks are there for a reason,” she expressed. “People are trained for a reason.”

If you don’t have a stylist yet, she advises taking advantage of consultations, which most stylists offer. And, always be honest about what you are doing to your hair at home.

“It’s a relationship,” she said. “I tell my clients, ‘Your hair becomes my hair.’ A lot of times people don’t tell you, even if you ask them, they won’t tell you the truth of what they have done to their hair, but a stylist can tell.”

Once you find your perfect match, stick with them.

“Take the time to find someone that fits your needs,” Riley said. “Consistency is key. “Consistency of quality service is important — stick with that person.”

Riley customizes treatment for each of her clients based on texture and hair shaft, a practice based on her philosophy of, “Everything is not for everyone.” She does, however, have one universal piece of advice to keep your locks lovely: “Take good vitamins, drink a lot of water and eat as clean as possible.”

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