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Haven Skincare and Massage: A Trauma Sensitive Spa Experience

Apr 09, 2019 09:00AM ● By WLMagazine

by Moya Tobey | Photography by Two Eagles Marcus

The stress of everyday life piles on with each passing day. The burden of incomplete projects or unsatisfied supervisors can be challenging for anyone. Finding a way to relieve that stress can be equally difficult. Haven Skincare and Massage (4829 E Beltline Ave NE Suite 302) offers a safe place to find that much needed time for relaxation.

As soon as you walk in the door, your body begins to unwind and your mood lifts. The space is dimly lit to provide a comfortable atmosphere, and all clients are asked to leave their shoes at the door and are provided with a pair of slippers. A few steps further lead into the waiting room where a complimentary foot wash is given before every appointment. When owner Reagan Reynolds opened Haven on February 20, she did so with the intent to offer much more than a spa experience to the women who walk through the door.

“I started to realize that so many women who were coming through as clients were dealing with [abuse and trauma] too,” Reynolds explained.

As a woman who has also dealt with emotional abuse and trauma, Reynolds felt under-resourced, and she doesn’t want that to be the case for other women. In the waiting room of Haven, there is a table with pamphlets from organizations like Safe Haven Ministries and local therapists. Getting treatments at the spa can lead to personal and revealing conversations and while Reynold’s therapists aren’t licensed counselors, they can at least point women who may need some help to someone who can assist them. 

“I think it’s that dual role of Haven as not only being a spa for women who walk in there but also doing good in the world, and that makes my heart happy.”

—Ellen Adams

Haven creates a safe atmosphere for women who have been traumatized or abused, by giving them choices. For instance, many spas will use specific scents for each treatment. At Haven, all lotions are unscented, then based on the client’s preference a variety of scents can be added. For people who have experienced trauma, certain scents can act as triggers, and Reynold’s wants to avoid causing that to happen. She explains that being in an abusive relationship can often lead to not being able to make decisions for yourself, so just letting the women they serve have a choice of what scent they want, or if they would rather stay clothed for a massage, can make a huge difference.

Haven client Ellen Adams testifies to the experience Reynolds set out to create. 

Some of Reynold’s future plans for Haven include hosting a pop-up self-defense class for women and helping as many people as she can. 

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Moya Tobey is a college student studying publishing at Cornerstone University. She dreams of traveling the world, fighting for victims of injustice and penning everything she sees.