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Getting that Workout Glow: How Exercise Makes You Beautiful

Apr 25, 2019 10:00AM ● By WLMagazine

by Kelsey Emmanuel

After you are finished working out, do you notice that your skin gives off a certain natural glow? Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you; when you workout, your blood circulation increases and delivers oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. Those oxygen and nutrients repair damaged skin, increase collagen production, and produce natural oils. When we exercise, the oils produced by our skin acts as a natural moisturizer. Thus, your skin ends up feeling supple, hydrated, and glamorized.

Another side effect of exercise that we take for granted is sweating. Being sweaty might not be the most appealing thing, but it’s one of our body’s best ways to detoxify. It especially helps our body’s largest organ (the skin!) flush out toxins that can cause clogged pores and acne. Once those toxins have been purged to the skin’s surface, it is important to clean them off. Even though you might want to keep that workout glow for tonight’s dinner date, I recommend using cleansing wipes or taking a shower right after your workouts because stale sweaty skin is an ideal home for acne.

Pre and Post Workout Cleansing
Working out with a full face of makeup is an unpleasant environment for your pores. Once your pores open up, they won’t get the ventilation they need, and bacteria will get trapped under your makeup. Carrying face wipes to clean off a majority of your makeup before exercising will help your skin be able to breathe. Some people feel more confident when they wear makeup during workouts. In that case, stick to non-comedogenic makeup and lighter products, such as powders.

When we exercise, the oils produced by our skin acts as a natural moisturizer. Thus, your skin ends up feeling supple, hydrated, and glamorized.”

Kelsey Emmanuel

Showering right after you workout is the best way to cleanse your body of all of the toxins it just sweat out. But if you are in a time crunch and have only 30-minutes to fit in a workout, then this is where face and body wipes can come in handy. Wiping down your skin after a workout is much better than letting sweat linger on your skin for hours.

Sweat to Destress
Exercise is a stress-reducer. Everyone has different levels of cortisol in their body which is the body’s stress hormone. High levels of cortisol can cause poor sleep quality, skin breakouts, and decreased collagen production. When we exercise, our body naturally releases hormones called endorphins. Endorphins trigger the positive feeling that you have after workouts. Endorphins help combat those high cortisol levels and can leave you with better beauty sleep and looking refreshed in the morning. Because endorphins are a mood booster, workouts can start you off on the right foot by feeling more confident and motivated for the day’s agenda.

Always remember that confidence is the best kind of beauty.

Happy Sweats!

Kelsey Emmanuel

Kelsey Emmanuel is a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer. Follow along with her workout tips and tutorials on Instagram @kelsey.emmanuel and on Facebook at Kelsey’s Health Journey.