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Tips from the Makeup Artist: Makeup for Mature Women

May 11, 2019 09:00AM ● By WLMagazine

by Erick Gerson

This month, I am excited to talk about makeup for mature women. Many people think that wearing makeup will age you even more, but it’s all about knowing what works for you and understanding the proper tools and application that enhance your features. Now that your kids are all grown up, it’s time to pamper yourself a little! Here are a few tips to help you along the way. 

As we age, our skin gets dull and sometimes becomes dryer. Before applying makeup, prime the skin with a richer moisturizer. 

Choose a cream-based foundation that is a tint warmer to add some color back into the skin. Apply it with a sponge to work the product into the skin. 

The best way to add an instant lift on your face is by applying your blush where you regular apply your highlighter — on the highest point on your cheekbone.

Since eyebrows thin out and are not as full as when we were younger, I like to fill them in and add a slight arch. This fullness and lift will add a youthful appearance as well. 

For eyes, you'll be excited to know that we can do a mini eye lift without any type of surgery, just the magic of makeup! Start applying the liner on the top eyelashes. Then drag the pencil out and up in an angle toward the tail of your eyebrow. Next, blend the liner with a small eyeshadow brush. Make sure the brush is on an angle in the outer corner to create a lift and be sure to smoke it out, so it looks soft. Making the liner slightly thicker and blended will create the illusion of thicker lashes too. 

On my gorgeous model I used a neutral lip that added a little color, yet still gave a natural look. Next, I used a darker berry tone on the outer corners of the lip. In the center, I added a peachy color to add fullness. I followed up with a lip gloss to add a fresher, younger look. 

To finish up, I dusted a little setting powder in the high traffic areas of the face: around the nose, on the forehead, and lightly under the eye.

My model, Debra Williams, is a beautiful 53-year-old woman. She’s a mother of two, a hard worker, and a model for Unique Models & Talent modeling agency. I asked her for some advice for other women her age.

“Spend more time on you. Do your hair and makeup. Stay away from old makeup styles (blue eyeshadow, thin eyebrows, etcetera). Find what’s current. Be a vibrant version of yourself and try going outside the box. You may find a new woman in you!"

Debra Williams

Products Used:

  • Embryolisse Lait-Crème- Concentré
  • Bobbi Brown and Black Opal creme stick foundation
  • MAC cosmetics eyebrow pencil
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencils
  • Fenty Glow Lip Gloss
  • Kat Von D Setting Powder

Erick Gerson is a makeup artist from Mexico. He has won consecutive wedding makeup awards, appeared on TV shows and been published in magazines all over the world. He enjoys teaching makeup classes to other professional makeup artists and everyday women. To connect with him, visit or check out his Instagram @erickmakeup.

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