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New Hotel Mertens Bakery adds delivery of breakfast and lunch; offering a new craft option for downtown Grand Rapids and beyond

Aug 21, 2019 03:00PM ● By WLMagazine


New Hotel Mertens Bakery, a component of a complex that also includes New Hotel Mertens brasserie and rooftop lounge all located at 35 Oakes St SW, has begun delivery of breakfast and lunch for orders both big and small.

• In-house delivery team: As opposed to using a third-party, New Hotel Mertens staff personally delivers all orders to its guests to ensure a quicker, more accountable level of service.
• Meals offered and size of orders: Breakfast and lunch are offered for delivery of both (a) small orders with delivery minimums of only $10, and (b) office-style catering of breakfast and lunch. Complete menus can be found at Among the many options for office-style catering are boxed lunches with sandwiches made with house-roasted meats and house-crafted breads—all 100% made onsite by the New Hotel Mertens team.
• Hours of delivery: Initially New Hotel Mertens Bakery will cater to breakfast and lunch guests from Monday to Friday from 6:30AM to 2PM. Dinner-time and weekend delivery may be added at a later date if demand warrants.
• Delivery area: Smaller orders will be available for delivery throughout much of the city of Grand Rapids and its outskirts while catering orders can be delivered throughout most of Kent County.
• Delivery fees: There is only a $1 delivery fee for small format orders and catering orders will have no delivery fee for many locations close to Grand Rapids. Only towns outside of Grand Rapids will incur a small fee for large-format catering delivery.
• Delivery times: Delivery times can be as low as 30-minutes depending on order volume and distance.
• How to order: Orders for both small and large format delivery must be made through

Tangorra continued, “Our guests also told us they wanted us to deliver our breakfast sandwiches and French baked goods in the morning, and we’re pleased to offer that as well. Our pricing for delivery is the same as if a guest came inside, and that means guests can order popular items like our $2 croissants and have them delivered right to their home or office.”

In addition to its custom house-made sandwich options, NHM Bakery’s delivery menu will also be making its build-your-own-chopped-salads available for delivery giving guests dozens of options for how they want to customize their chopped salad. The menu also includes the entire NHM Bakery lineup including its bread, coffee drinks & coffee beans and also specialty French candies; thus adding a whole, fresh baguette to a delivery order for just $2 or a bag of The NHM Blend Coffee from Sparrows Coffee & Tea is as easy as adding it to the guest’s delivery cart.