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10 Ways to Find Success in September

Sep 03, 2019 02:49PM ● By WLMagazine

by Peaches McCahill

As a female entrepreneur, I have learned a number of things that are important in achieving success in business. Here are 10 things this month to do to chart a path to success.

1. Stay true to yourself.

Stay true to yourself.

2. Expect disappointments.

 Expect disappointments.

3. Prepare to pivot.

Prepare to pivot.

4. Allow others to take the wheel.

Allow others to take the wheel.

5. Learn how to budget.

Learn how to budget.

6.   Learn from your mistakes.

Learn from your mistakes.

7.    Know when to cut your losses.

8.   Play to your strengths.

9. Never burn bridges — you never know when you need someone.

10. Network, network, network. 


Peaches McCahill is founder and president of The McCahill Group, a leading provider of health, wellness, beauty and talent solutions, and owner of the new M Power Studio. She has a passion to inspire others with simplistic lifestyle suggestions.