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"A Streetcar Name Desired" Opens at Civic Theatre January 10

Jan 04, 2020 05:37PM ● By Elyse

The classic Tennessee Williams drama of a young woman's delusion, volatile relationships, and the madness in between opens next Friday at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. All proves too much for her unstable brother-in-law who uncovers the truth behind her days as a schoolteacher in Missouri, unraveling Blanche to her core.

Recommended for adults due to sensitive material and strong language.

Purchase tickets here.


Aaron Eding: Strange Man/Ensemble

Cody Colvin: Ensemble

Gloria Stratton: Strange Woman/Ensemble

Jim Cantrell: Mitch

John Vesbit: Stanley

Jude Libner: Collector/Ensemble/Musician

Julian Cortez: Pablo

Matt Hartman: Steve

Megan Carson: Eunice

Rachel Varley: Stella

Sherryl Despres: Blanche

Erica Soto: Carmen, Ensemble