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Decorating with Your Spouse

Feb 04, 2020 10:47AM ● By WLMagazine

by Jessica Crosby

If you’ve ever had a pillow fight (I’m not talking the playful kind!), or thought, “Can we please paint that oak from circa 1987?”; or found the bulldog holding the perfect poker hand framed art making its way into your home, read on! 

It’s an ongoing joke between me and my husband. Jamie would take all eight of the pillows on our bed and place them on the floor at night. The mornings he made the bed, I would find all eight pillows where they do not belong — at the foot of the bed! Most men are functional when it comes to décor while most women love the details. 

One of our interior clients just built a stunning home, taking advantage of the scenery of the lovely lake they are on that only nature could paint. The living area was beautiful. The dining area, which is open concept to the living area, had an oak table, you know the kind – oval in shape, paired with arched chairs — all oak, all matchy-matchy. It was from 1987 (33 years ago!)  My client knew it was dated, but her husband loved the oak. We knew we had some compromising to do. We kept the base as is, used Verathane weathered gray on the top of the table and chairs. The great thing about gel stain is that it is translucent enough to keep the grain of the wood exposed. We added a gorgeous centerpiece to the table to help take your eye’s focus and voila! An update that both enjoy.

There are some things that are impossible to compromise on, such as the  dogs playing poker art; however, there may be ways to incorporate those pieces that mean so much to your significant other. Could you use the frame of the doggie poker art to frame an old Michigan map? That leather loveseat that has seen far too many video games? Repurpose some of the leather and nail head to cover the top of an old end table. 

Whether it’s “happy wife, happy life” or you’re with “always” Mr. Right, blending décor is easier than it’s ever been. Taking away a pillow or two, turning something old to new again or incorporating elements of both of your histories into your home to tell your story will lead you both to Happily Ever After.

Jessica is co-owner of Delight In Designs, a local retail shop that helps to stylize your home and you. She is passionate about truly knowing her clients and how they function in their space while sprinkling special touches of flair throughout her design.