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March Reader's Lounge

Feb 25, 2020 04:38PM ● By WLMagazine

This month, we are featuring four humor books written by dynamic and influential women. It takes a certain mindset to see the humor in a situation, and these women have what it takes. Whether you’re looking for a laugh on motherhood, your career or how to politely insult someone, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out KDL’s recommendation page for more great picks!

Dear Girls by Ali Wong

Hailed as among “the funniest people on the planet” in showbiz circles, it would not seem right to leave off Ali Wong’s new book Dear Girls. Wong gets real about being a new mother in her book, which is a collection of essays that she addresses to her daughters (both currently under 4, but not to be read until they are 21). Wong's sharp wit and insights are as killer as her brilliantly delivered punchlines. This book will have you laughing out loud from start to finish.

When Life Gives You Pears by Jeannie Gaffigan

A lot of people have heard of Jim Gaffigan, but maybe not his wife, Jeannie. In this moving memoir, she chronicles her medical journey from the discovery of her pear-shaped tumor to recovery. Through it all, Jeannie leaned on her family and faith. She came out of the experience a different woman, learning much about herself and rediscovering what is truly important to her in life. While this book isn’t packed with humor, Jeannie has a beautiful humor-filled outlook on life that shines through it all. 

How to Be Successful without Hurting Men’s Feelings by Sarah Cooper

This satirical pick is the perfect palate cleanser between reads that will have you rolling with laughter. It's full of ridiculous career advice from how to ace the interview to how to appear super busy and important to all of your coworkers. I loved the inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout and the men’s achievement stickers were hilarious. This book is for any woman looking to navigate their career world with the confidence befitting a queen. 

Southern Lady Code by Helen Ellis

Returning author Helen Ellis comes back with her third book full of personal essays, and, like her other two books, returns to her southern roots. This book reads like a memoir, full of southern witticism as Helen covers many subjects like marriage, gynecology, monograms and manners. She pulls in her childhood wisdom from her parents and her own life experiences to create a banter-filled southern treasure.

Laura is an Adult Paraprofessional at the Comstock Park branch of Kent District Library. When she isn’t working, she enjoys reading, watching movies, doing home improvements and going on hikes with her good dog Wyatt.