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Working Out From Home

Jul 09, 2020 10:26AM ● By Kelsey Emmanuel

With most Americans having to stay home due to the pandemic, we are required to shift the way we live. Now a lot of people are working from home, virtually socializing, and looking for ways to create structure for themselves. When we experience uncontrollable, quick changes in our life, it can lead to feeling overwhelmed, fearful and distressed. In order to create more peace, comfort, and safety, it is important to get more connected to your body. One way to connect with your body is through movement. If you are having a hard time working out at home, that is totally okay and normal; there are many creative ways to get your body moving.

The Pressure To Workout

The amount of fat on your body does not equal how healthy you are. Yes, I am addressing the elephant in the room: everyone is absolutely terrified to gain weight during quarantine. Fat is an essential part of what makes up our body; without it, we wouldn’t be able to function. Diet culture has deeply influenced the way we view ourselves and others. You are constantly bombarded with weight loss ads and get-skinny-quick propaganda. These types of messages can poorly impact your self-talk and your relationship with your body. When it comes to working out, do not pressure yourself into doing something you dislike. For instance, I am amazed by the number of women who practice running 5Ks when they don’t really enjoy running at all. There are so many ways to move your body, and you should incorporate movement into your life that you enjoy. This is a far more efficient and effective way to improve your physical health.

You should view your workouts as something “I get to do” versus “I have to do”. The best place to take care of yourself is from a place of love and compassion. Fear can be a motivator for working out, but it is not sustainable.

How To Love Your Body Via Movement

Most people work out because they are chasing a feeling. You want to feel more confident in your skin. You want to feel strong, empowered, and energized. You want to feel loved and admired by your friends and family. You want to build more trust and acceptance within yourself. Movement is a great way to connect with your body and achieve all of those qualities in your life. If you feel like you are slipping into a sedentary lifestyle during quarantine, integrate simple exercise routines into your day. For example, if you are working from home, set an alarm every hour and schedule in a 5-minute movement break. Those 5 minutes could look like stretching, walking around the house, dancing to your favorite music and shaking out your body. Change of scenery is a great way to shift your energy and move your body as well. For example, take a few hours in the evening to take a walk around the neighborhood or visit a nearby park to hike a new trail. Your body is meant for movement; treat your body well and engage in activity that is enjoyable for you.

At-Home Workouts For Improved Physical Fitness

Two signs that you might be at risk of getting bored from your at-home workouts: your workouts are too long and you are doing the same exact exercises over and over again. The best types of workouts are the ones that improve the functionality of your daily life. Strength training is an easy way to improve your overall health and physical fitness. It helps boost your metabolism, regulate stress hormones, improve quality of sleep, and build lean muscles. Oftentimes, people associate strength training with dumbbells, barbells, and heavy weights. This is a way of strength training, but it is not the only way. Whether you are new to strength training or not, do not underestimate the power of body weight movements. Different variations of squats, lunges, and push-ups are a great way to strength train. If you don’t have fancy workout equipment in your home, it is time to get creative! You can fill up a backpack with books and do weighted squats, shoulder presses, deadlifts, and several other compound exercises.

With the way the world is changing, there are several coaches and gyms that are taking their services online. If you want accountability and support, you can reach out to your local fitness and health professionals who will be able to get you moving in the right direction.