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The Secret To a Well-Organized Kitchen

Jul 29, 2020 10:34AM ● By Lyndsey Tym

I am excited to share an easy tip you can use all over your home to get organized and stay that way! Effectively use the prime real estate inside your home. 

Although this tip is super simple to put into practice, many of us frequently fail to utilize it. Most often when I’m organizing kitchens and pantries for a client’s, I notice seldom-used items stored in the most easily accessible drawers or cupboards. Examples: holiday plates stored with everyday use plates, and the turkey roasting pan stored with regular pots and pans. 

It seems natural to put items like these with other like-items. However, when storing that way clutters up and shrinks storage space, it is not the most effective use of the area. Effectively using the prime real estate in your home means considering how you use the space most often and storing accordingly. 

In our kitchen, we have plates, bowls, and glasses stored in the same cupboard closest to the dishwasher. These items are used the most often, so they are stored in one of the cupboards that is most easily accessible and nearest for unloading the dishwasher. We don’t use mugs as often, and storing them with glasses and cups means having to stack them – thus cluttering the space and making it more time consuming to grab or put things away. Because of how we use our kitchen, I have organized everyday use items using prime real estate. Other items not used as frequently are stored in the cupboards that we rarely access due to its location. Example: the hard-to-reach cupboards above the refrigerator stores wine and beer glasses and extra silverware for when hosting a large crowd. 

When organizing and storing, many of us defer to putting all like-items together even if it means crammed spaces. Organizing by how often you use items typically will free up space, saving time searching and digging around in full cupboards and drawers. 

Start with your kitchen and consider how frequently you use items stored there. It might be worth moving some things around to free up space and save some time in the long-run. 

Happy organizing! 

Lyndsey Tym, owner of Simple Spaces, desires to help others declutter and simplify in their homes to free up time for the things they love.  Learn more at