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Mindful Shopping

Aug 21, 2020 08:00AM ● By Lyndsey Tym

One of my favorite things to do with my sister and with friends is bargain shopping. I love when I’m asked where I purchased something and I can reply with the location and how I got it for an awesomely good deal! My most proud purchase so far this year is a name brand pack n’ play originally priced at $250 that I purchased new for $78! If that is not a great deal, I don’t know what is.  

My tip this month is not to discourage shopping, but to encourage thoughtful and mindful shopping.  

We are fortunate to live in an area with so many stores that are just a quick drive away. We have many malls, bulk stores, neighborhoods with annual garage sales, and countless online marketplaces to purchase new and used items. If you are like me and love a good deal or just simply enjoy shopping, it can be very easy to end up with clutter in our homes from the need to store all of our purchases.  

In an effort to minimize clutter at home I try to ask myself two questions whenever purchasing anything: 1) Do I have an immediate use for this item and 2) do I have a place to store this item?  

If I answer no to either question, I most often will not purchase whatever item that is. Every once in a while, it is great to treat yourself, but regularly asking and answering these questions when shopping can seriously decrease the amount of stuff we bring into our homes. 
Following these guidelines does not mean we should stop enjoying a good deal or bargain, nor does it mean we cannot enjoy going out with friends to shop. Being diligent in asking and answering these questions helps to avoid clutter in our homes in the first place, making it easier to keep it organized and looking nice.   

Go out and enjoy some shopping with friends (per COVID-19 safety guidelines), just remember to be mindful about what items will have the privilege of a place in your home.  

For those interested in how I answered my questions before buying the pack n’ play: 1) We had an immediate need as we had our first child this year, and 2) it has a place to be stored in the bottom of a bedroom closet.  

Happy organizing!

Lyndsey Tym, owner of Simple Spaces, desires to help others declutter and simplify in their homes to free up time for the things they love.  Learn more at