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Women's Lifestyle Magazine

Women's LifeStyle September 2020 - Tasha Blackmon

Sep 11, 2020 08:16PM ● By Elyse Wild

Volume 22, Issue 270

The September edition celebrates those who promote, embody, and encourage the inclusion of women. We are proud to partner with the Grand Rapids Chamber to elevate the voices and visibility of those being recognized at the 31st Annual ATHENA Awards Celebration, on September 24th. Visit: for tickets.

From the Editor:

Four years ago, Victoria Upton changed my life. As many writers do at some point in their careers, I was working a smattering of jobs and freelancing as much as I could when I walked into her office to interview for the job as editor-in-chief of Women’s LifeStyle Magazine.  We spoke briefly before she smiled and said, “When can you start?” 

Being around Victoria was to realize that anything and everything is possible. Her belief in me made my childhood dreams a reality. I am forever grateful to her for that, and I only hope I can do the same for someone else. 

Working as the editor of this beloved local magazine has been the honor of my professional life so far. The edition before you will be my last. 

I have spent the past four years telling the stories of women in our community who are working to make it a better place for all. It has been a privilege and a joy to elevate their voices. It has been a thrill to work with many talented and hard-working writers — some of who were first published in these pages — to create a diverse narrative of life in our city. 

Women’s LifeStyle allowed me to grow in ways nothing had ever before.  I have become a better writer, editor, interviewer, and manager, but most importantly, I have become a better member of this community. I’ve learned that a great community requires all of us to use our gifts in whatever capacity we have. 

Writing this letter has been a monthly ritual of mine for four years. It is the last thing I write before each issue goes to print. I have written it on my laptop in the dead of night; in the office after a 15 hour day; on my phone while hiking in Iceland; on napkins while drinking sake in Japan; and in the grips of grief days after Victoria passed away 2 years ago this month on September 5. It has been my corner of the magazine to reflect on the month’s content, current events in our community, and to write directly to you. 

Now, it is with this letter that I say goodbye. As I am elated to move on to a new position at another local organization with a legacy of uplifting women, know that I will deeply miss writing for you — and to you. 

Thank you so much being a reader. 31st Annual ATHENA Awards Celebration 2020