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100 artists from Michigan present artwork a new exhibit in Lowell

May 19, 2021 12:54PM ● By Women's LifeStyle Art

LowellArts presents GETAWAY, a new gallery exhibit featuring artwork from 100 Michigan artists.

GETAWAY is an exhibition of art that celebrates the places or moments in time that provide us a chance to retreat, relax, and recharge.

Both abstract and representational, the artwork in a variety of media is meant to inspire, uplift, and transport the viewer to a place of rest or renewal. 

Artists ages 14+ were invited to submit artwork, in any medium, that fit this theme. Entries could be either representational or abstract depictions of locations, objects, or an atmosphere meant to inspire, uplift, and transport the viewer to a place of rest or renewal.

​Artist List

​Charlotte Ambrose
Lynn Anderson
Jan Andre
Cindy Awrey
Lucas Baker
Mary Bamborough
Maggie Bandstra
Susan Barlas
Russ Barneveld
Dee Bellini

Danielle Benson-Fennell
Margo Berke
Annemarie Biernacki
Larry Blovits
Mary Bommarito
Benjamin Boss
Paul Bradshaw
Douglas Brinks
David Broadworth
Kris Brown
Bob Brown
Michael Bryant

Beth Bynum
Evie Carrier
Nancy Clouse
Laura Corbiani
Rosanne Coty
Karen Culver
JA Dine
Dana Donnell
Henry Droski
Mark Dunning
Marylu Dykstra
Dina Ebeling
Wayne Edwards
Sarah Ellis

Kathy Forzley
Richard Franz
Teresa Gaudino
Hana Girdvainis-Sawyer
Jennifer Gould
Linda Greer
Regina Grover
Sandra Hansen
Jennifer Helner
Deborah Hoover
Saralee Howard
Grace Huizinga
Bill Ingraham
Melissa Jones-Fish
David Kerley

Colleen Klesmith
Charles Knudstrup
Michael Koole
Darla-Jo LeBaron
Diann Lemmen
Carole Lende-Svec
Marti Liddle-Lameti
Kaye Longberg
Marvin Lowell
Kim McDermott
Kathy Mohl
Patti Mollema

Richard Muller
Randall Nyhof
Terese Olson 
Bonnie Palutke
Carolyn Pampalone Rabbers
Carol Patrick
Kate Pepin
Colin Plank
Mary Jane Pories
Kendra Postma
Betsy Ratzsch
Suzanne Reinbold
Erin Reinholtz
Jane Reiter

Mary Reusch
Liz Ripley
Sally Rypkema
Patti Salka
Linda Scarborough
Steve Scarborough
Barbara Schilling
Nancy Schneider
Patricia Sevensma
Maxine Shearer
Barbara Simmons
Raschelle Smith
Renee Therriault

Deborah Trent
Judy Tyner
Holly Uecker-Herman
Eileen Urbanski
Jane VanBemden
Kelly Vander Kley
Rick Veldman
Nikki Wall
Alanna Wester
Lou Wolf Vallance
Gerard Wood
Justin Wynn

The artwork will be on display at the LowellArts Gallery, 223 W Main St., Lowell, from May 1 to June 12. Gallery hours are: Tues-Fri 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Sat noon – 5 p.m.

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