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Women's Health Collective

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630 Kenmoor Ave SE
Ste 103
Grand Rapids Charter Township, MI 49543

(616) 284-1237

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The Women’s Health Collective was founded to create an inclusive, affirming environment for women to celebrate the complexity, resilience, and beauty of their bodies. Here, we place the care of mental, emotional, and physical wellness back into women's hands, empowering them to advocate for their bodies' natural and human needs and responses. Our mission is to serve both those who have been assigned female at birth as well as those who identify as women. Both of these groups, in different capacities, have been marginalized throughout our history in both culture and in medicine. For too long, women's health, wellness, and pleasure have all been defined by cultural standards, societal pressures, and gender-biased medicine, creating healthcare designed not for women's bodies, but for the false expectations of what some believe they should be.

We have worked to collaborate with licensed healthcare professionals across the spectrum to offer services that have proven to be effective in optimizing health. Some of these services may not be considered mainstream, and therefore may not be covered by insurance, however we have seen the positive impact these modalities can have on overall health. We believe our patients deserve more. We believe modern medicine can do better. Here at the Collective we believe in whole humans, not just organs and body systems. We believe you know your body best and that not all bodies read the books. Sometimes what our bodies try to tell us gets lost in translation.