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Luxe Artisan Preserves

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Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Happy Monday Luxe Family!

So, it’s been a while since I’ve launched this page, yet, I haven’t formally introduced myself—the face behind all things Luxe!

I’m Kimberly. A child of God. Mommy to an amazing 7-year-old who, by the way, is Luxe Artisan Preserves’ BIGGEST ambassador. A doctor (PhD). A former state and nationally award winning nurse clinician, executive and university professor. A published author. A creative at heart and a whole lot of other stuff in between (more on that later)!

I have a deep-rooted passion for all things food and hold a long history of creativity in the kitchen. As early as age 6, I stood on a stool alongside Big Mama (paternal grandmother) as she picked, chopped, and sliced ingredients harvested from her urban garden. She was a queen that was strategically masterful as she moved around the kitchen. It is from Big Mama that I first learned the importance of “respecting your ingredients”. In her kitchen, I was trained to understand the intricacies of flavor.

Pushing the boundaries of flavor is the foundation of everything that I do in the kitchen. With each flavor profile—that is handcrafted in a commercial kitchen using fresh, high quality ingredients—I approach the stove with no notion of which foods conventionally “should” go together and create in a space of what “could”. Using proprietary cooking techniques, I move out of the way and give the ingredients permission to share their story…just like Big Mama taught me.

For me, food is one of the highest expressions of love. I put my heart into every step of the process—from the selection of ingredients to the timing of their introduction into my preserving pots. This is probably why our products are often described as “love in a jar”. It is an honor each time Luxe Artisan Preserves lands in the midst of your most intimate moments--whether you’re enjoying a home cooked meal with your family, hanging with your girlfriends, creating something for bae or treating yourself to something special in your well-deserved “me time”.

I look forward to creating more magic for you when I return to the kitchen mid to late summer.

Be on the lookout as I curate experiences with some of my favorite people to get us through this gift of remaining safe at home.

Stay safe, connected and healthy!

With Luxe, Kimberly