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Chocolate Easter Bunny Eating Techniques Reveals Personality Secrets

Apr 03, 2012 06:16PM ● By WLMagazine
Nothing says more about personality and perhaps relationship issues than the simple act of what a person does first with a chocolate Easter bunny.  

Ears First:

Eating the ears first people are practical, organized and traditional. They value security and are extremely loyal. Their greatest weakness is impatience.  They are honest and kind to a fault.  Everyone loves them.

Tail First:

Tails first eaters believe in taking the path less taken - not because they are innovators but because less people will see what they’re up to. They tend to be cautious and perhaps cunning (i.e. sneaky). So be careful where you put your trust.

Bite or Snap Off Its Head:

Restless and independent, head snappers are always on the move.  These ambitious go-getters like to get the heavy lifting out of the way first. Many have magnetic personalities and make friends easily.

Sniff It First:

Cautious and deliberate, sniffers tend to have high standards and pay close attention to detail.  They are very polite, courteous and self restrained because they worry that others will discover that they are all weirdos.

Lick It First:

Lickers exude sensuality and flaunt it to their advantage. They are fun, vibrant and exciting. Everyone thinks they’re sexy.  Most people don’t realize lickers lick their bunnies so that no one else will want any.

Smash It Into Pieces First:

Bunny smashers are ambitious and filled with enthusiasm. They often have a “just do it” no-nonsense approach to life. People tend to stay out of their way because they know these folks are a bit unpredictable.

Paws First:

Those who eat the paws first are kind, sympathetic and nurturing. They need to be constantly reassured they are loved. Feelings of insecurity are their greatest weakness and they tend to be afraid of being taken advantage of. They bite off the bunny’s paws because they’re afraid the bunny will run away.

Bite or Snap It In Half:

These pessimists always approach life with the glass is half empty or the bunny is hollow way of thinking. Rather than confront the sad emptiness of a hollow bunny, rejoice at the ease in eating this chocolate delight (instead of gnawing on a thick brick of chocolate). These cynics make the rest of us realize how good we have it.