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What To Wear? A personal stylist’s guide when dressing for a date

Feb 16, 2018 02:32PM ● By WLMagazine
by Cathy Starnes

This Valentine’s Day, the most important thing to consider when choosing what to wear is confidence. Being your authentic self and radiating confidence will be more alluring than trying too hard or dressing in a way that you think your date will enjoy.

Feeling fearless in an outfit usually means not going too over the top while not down-playing your look or dressing too casually. You’ll know you’ve struck the right balance when you feel confident in that final glimpse in the mirror, and you won’t spend another thought on your outfit for the rest of the night. Feeling great in what you’re wearing means you can forget about it and enjoy the experience with your partner.

A Valentine’s date is the perfect excuse to dress up a touch more than you usually would. Go all out with red, pink, sparkles, hearts, high heels and a full skirt if that feels amazing to you! This is a great look if your style tends toward girly or whimsical.

If your style is more classic or sophisticated, you can never go wrong with all black. Remember, the key to pulling off that little black dress or black pants and a blouse is the accessories with which you finish it off. Drape a scarf over your shoulders and add a pendant necklace or statement earrings; add some fun shoes or a belt and a great clutch. Use your accessories to show off your style, whether that’s fun, chic or edgy.

A current trend that is perfect for date wear is the over-the-knee boot. Pair it with skinny jeans, leggings or a dress for a sexy look that’s not too revealing or dressy. Another fun trend to include for Valentine’s Day is tassels, which can add a bit of festivity to your ensemble. Think long tasseled earrings, a tassel pendant or tassels on your shoes or handbag.

This time of year, outerwear is important, too. There’s nothing that makes our style hearts drop more than seeing an amazing outfit covered up by the wrong coat and winter accessories; this layer is just as important as the rest. Make sure your outerwear coordinates with your outfit and gives you confidence in addition to coziness.

Remember, being in love is about being yourself, feeling confident and feeling love flow through you. You can enhance these feelings with the right outfit no matter if you’re spending a cozy night in or a big night out, whether you’re alone, with your kids, your girlfriends or on the big date. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Cathy Starnes is a personal stylist and the owner of new retail concept, Iris Boutique, which offers unique women’s accessories with a side of personal styling.