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Masturdating: The One That Is OK To Do In Public

Feb 16, 2018 01:58PM ● By WLMagazine
by Dr. Megan Stubbs

Some of you may be unfamiliar with this term. It sounds like something you might be familiar with, just with a different spelling.  It’s perfectly OK—even encouraged— to do in public.

Masturdating is essentially dating yourself, and the meaning can vary from person to person. Think of it as taking yourself out: Buy yourself that outfit you’ve been wanting, or treat yourself to a spa day—whatever makes you feel special. This isn’t just about self-indulgence, which is perfectly fine, but rather improving areas of your life. Whether you are single or in a relationship, there are plenty of benefits for taking some time for yourself.

Mental Health

You can find happiness in the smallest of gestures. Whether is it gifting yourself an extravagant coffee drink or taking yourself to the beach, you are taking responsibility for your own happiness. While it often feels good to perform nice gestures for others, it’s important to see to your fulfillment first; you cannot pour from an empty cup. Time spent with yourself is never time wasted. By getting to know yourself better, you will be better able to stand on your own in the face of adversity.


When you make it a practice to care for your needs and treat yourself with respect, you are creating a foundation that will carry over to your next relationship. This is an ideal time to focus on things you may have overlooked in the midst of life. The key to a healthy relationship is knowing you are worthy and deserving of happiness without any outside influences. Security in knowing your strength is powerful.

Future Relationships

Your journey of self-care and self-reliance will benefit your future relationships. The time you spent on reflection can help you better identify who you are as a person while allowing you to communicate your needs to your potential partner. If you are currently in a relationship, give yourself the gift of alone time! You don’t have to rely on your partner to do absolutely everything with you;  healthy distance is important in relationships. So if going to the garden center isn’t your partner’s idea of a great time, that’s OK! Stop and smell the roses by yourself and relish in your own personal day-date. Happy Masturdating!

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.”

—Diane Von Furstenberg

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