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Aug 13, 2018 10:00AM ● By WLMagazine
By Samantha Hodge

This month we explore mainstream fiction. From the love stories of literary heroes to thought-provoking yarns of a family in crisis,  compiles a compelling list of late summer page-turners.



The Favorite Sister

by Jessica Knoll

Two sisters join a reality tv show, but only one comes out alive. Brett is the fan favorite and her sister, Kelly, is dismissed by all as weak. They are joined by Brett’s former best friend, Stephanie, and the resentment is palpable. With all the women harboring secrets from the past, the situation spirals out of control until one of them ends up dead.





My Ex-Life

by Stephen McCauley

David’s life is falling apart. His boyfriend left him, he’s being evicted from his apartment in San Francisco, and his job helping rich kids get into their college of choice makes him miserable. When his ex-wife of 30 years prior calls him out of the blue for help with her 17-year-old daughter, David flies to her aid in Boston. The pair quickly discover all those reasons they fell in love so long ago are still alive within them, but what will it take to fix the past?





Everything Here is Beautiful

by Mira T. Lee

Free-spirited Lucia’s life is spiraling out of control. She’s hearing voices and running from one destructive choice after another. Steadfast Miranda ran away years ago to a new life in Switzerland but now must return to guide Lucia back from the brink. Lucia’s life is falling apart, but only she can decide whether to accept the aid her sister has offered.





Love and Ruin

by Paula McLain

Novelist and war correspondent Martha Gelhorn meets Ernest Hemingway in the late 1930s during the Spanish Civil War. After an idyllic time together in Havana, Martha finds herself wallowing in the shadow of Hemingway’s career. Martha must choose between her own ambitions or being the wife of a famous writer.