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Haute at New Hotel Mertens (rooftop lounge)

35 Oakes St SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

How does service work once I am seated at Haute in 2020 We will not be offering table service at Haute in 2020. Once your table is secured at Haute you walk up to our service window to place your order. Since we want to maintain separation, a virtual line will form by signing into our virtual queue and you will be texted when it is your turn to approach the service window. You will place your order and be served there while you are alone at the window. You can re-join the que for another round of ordering at any time via the same method. All orders will have a gratuity of 18% and 6% sales tax added automatically to your bill. You may close your tab if you’d like a receipt or keep it open if you desire. If you choose to keep it open, we will close it automatically as you leave; though please know that we will not be able to provide a receipt if you choose this method.

To ensure the safety of our guests, please do not approach the service window for any reason unless you are called there by the system.

We appreciate your patience as we learn to adjust to this new way of serving our guests!