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Smoothie Talkin' with Anissa Eddie

Dec 29, 2016 04:19PM ● By WLMagazine
by Chiara Licari • photography by Two Eagles Marcus


As soon as the champagne flutes are put away and the confetti is swept off the streets, most of us approach the new year armed with steadfast resolutions to commit to healthier living. Although it sounds simple, our own high expectations often get in the way of accomplishing the change we desire. Instead of paying a fortune for a gym membership you may never use or promising to finally run a marathon, consider simply adding a little something delicious to your life. Making smoothies a regular part of your diet is the perfect way to implement healthy and achievable change.

Malamiah Juice Bar’s Anissa Eddie says healthy smoothies are highly underrated and many people are unaware of the benefits of consuming these tasty drinks.

“From glowing skin and heart health, to mood enhancements and relief of congestion—smoothies can cover all that and more.”

Here are five reasons why smoothie ingredients should occupy a permanent spot on your grocery list in 2017.

1. Convenience

Smoothies are great for alleviating rushed morning chaos or mid-afternoon stomach rumbles.

Relying on simple instructions, these quick-fix drinks can easily substitute a meal or snack at the push of a button. You can also pre-portion ingredients for the week ahead to save yourself some time.

When substituting for a meal, Eddie suggests including protein.

“Ingredients such as kale, raw peanut butter or bee pollen are all great sources of protein,” she offered.

2. Delectable Taste

We often stereotype smoothies as either too green, too gritty or too sugary. In reality, these drinks are meant to taste great without sacrificing essential, healthy ingredients.

“Sometimes people are hesitant about adding spinach or Swiss chard to a smoothie, but all it takes is a taste to convince them that leafy greens can taste great in a smoothie,” Eddie said.

3. Health Benefits

It can be hard to squeeze in all of the required nutrients your body needs each day. Smoothies create an easy opportunity to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

“Smoothies provide high levels of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs, especially if you toss in ingredients like leafy greens or celery,” Eddie explained.

4. Sickness Prevention

Breaking down everything we eat and distributing nutrients accordingly can be hard on our bodies. By blending up plentiful ingredients, we make digestion easier.

“Making a smoothie really breaks down the produce in a way that makes it super easy for your body to absorb the vitamins and nutrients. This gives you energy and helps prevent illness,” she said.

5. Variety

Almond mocha? Strawberry basil? Mango kale? There are limitless options when it comes to creating a smoothie. Once you familiarize yourself with healthy options and ingredients, what your concoction tastes like is all up to you. Whether you add honey to sweeten things up or squeeze in lemon juice for a bite of citrus, you can tailor any smoothie to please your palate.

Break out your blender and kick off the new year with this smoothie recipe from Malamiah Juice Bar:

Green Smoothie

1/4 cup coconut milk 1 large swiss chard leave (stems removed) 1/2 cup cubed pineapple 1/2 banana 1/2 cup ice

Toss everything into blender (we use Vitamix blenders), blend and be prepared to be blown away by the dynamic flavor.

For more creativity, feel free to add any of the following:

Substitute other leafy greens for the kale Chia Seeds Flax Seeds Coconut Flakes Protein Powder (Plain or Vanilla)- we use a plant-base one More banana Other tropical or citrus fruit

Potential Smoothie Ingredients:

Chia Seeds | Honey | Spinach | Apples | Berries  | Bananas | Ginger root | Soymilk | Agave nectar

Pineapple | Orange juice | Coconut water/milk | Peanut butter | Cacao powder | Nuts  | Citrus

Almond butter | Bee pollen | Avocado | Wheat grass | Oatmeal | Leafy greens | Celery


Chiara Licari is a Writing and Advertising/Public Relations double major at GVSU trying to venture out to Grand Rapids and get a taste of the writing life.